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Welcome to Bobs & Dolly Shoes!

If you're wondering where the name Bobs & Dolly shoes came from, it's a nod to the Art Deco era when ladies had bobs and wore dolly shoes. 

 The jewellery is all handmade by yours truly from recycled offcuts of leather. Contemporary pieces but with an Art Deco feel. I love the clean lines and geometric shapes.

I come from a fashion background (a degree many moons ago) I'm just always happy creating. The Kimono style jackets, I have been wearing and making for some time now. I love that they are so easy to throw on and add a little something to a plain outfit, they are also perfect for lounging around elegantly of course.

Married to a DJ person I'm surrounded by vinyl, in fact there's barely room for me and the kids in the house. One day, whilst drowning in records, I had a thought that the sleeves would make great packaging for something else and so the Chic Kerchief was born. A percentage of sales from the neckerchiefs is donated to the Little Princess Trust, a charity close to my heart after losing most of my hair due to Alopecia.

I also moonlight as a merchandiser in Guthrie & Ghani, a lovely haberdashery store selling gorgeous materials. I'll happily admit that i'm a fabric addict and really a neckerchief is just a way of having a small bit of beautiful fabric in your life.

Ever since I was small I have collected things, I am a bit of a hoarder so when my vintage accessory collection started getting out of hand I decided to start selling some of it. Secretly I want to keep it all for myself but that just won't do now will it....

Hope you haven't nodded off -Thanks for popping by!

Love Jo xx



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